2000 Saturn SL Questions

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I am swapping a 1999 saturn sl 1.9l into 2000 same car but i need to know how long it normally would take a mechanic so i know how long to rent the tools for. Because the car is my only transportation after i get dropped off at the shop need to kinda estimate my time frame of having no car
Running lights wont turn off
How to change it
This car idles at 2000 rpm when in park. Any suggestions?
Not sure if it is SOHC OR DOHC
both have been replace multiple times..last for about a week then go bad
There are 2 different connections to the A/C compressor, which one do I need to hook up the hose to recharge it?
I am recharging my A/C and I see 2 hoses, one has a larger diameter and one has a smaller, which one do I connect the can to?
car shuts off after starting when put in gear
code shows 02 sensor by muffler. replaced this 2 times code shows same 02 sensor and i cant get it inspected
im trying 2 find out why my idleing stays high. use to be only when the car ran then came 2 a stop the idle would stay high
i dont know much about cars but my boyfriend was driving my saturn and hit a pot hole, a huge/deep one and it cracked the trani pan or whatever its called and one question from me is if its possible to use a trani from an older saturn to replace it or if its possible to fix?
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