1999 Saturn SL Questions

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It was driving ok but was getting hot & then just died but has power.
My girlfriend over filled my transmission fluid could that be the problem why it want move?
It is my daughter's car. She told me her car won't start that there was a problem with her clutch. I told her that did not sound right that the clutch was basically the trani so why wouldn't the car start she said she has no idea but it just will not start. Any idea's. Also I do not know the model and she said it does not even state it on the registration so I just picked one so this would send
My f5 is burnt
One day, I cranked the car, it shuttered and knocked off. But then I cranked it again, no problems. The next day, I cranked the car, it shuttered and knocked off. Now it will only shutter when I try to crank won't start at all now. I bought the car 2 1/2 years ago from a used car lot. I have only changed the oil in it, bought tires, and had a brake job done. I know there's a small problem with the transmission, the heater coil, and air needing new coolant. I figure this problem may have something to do with the fuel filter/injector. Am I even close?
My car was squealing and when I parked it the steering wheal was hard to turn. Cranked it later that day and opened the hood and none of the belts or pullies was turning..I cut it off tryed to crank it again but wouldn't crank.. the belt is loose enough you could slip it off the pulley
on and why does it kick on
this happened twice now i had the car from 2008 and i can not take long trips because i am afraid of getting stuck some place without a car . the maintenance guy said it was the fuel injector. and i was wondering why would it shut off going down the highway isn't that kind of dangerous.was this ever on recall?
what would make my battery light, engine overheat lights come on, and the steering to be stiff? this just began this afternoon.
started running hot . found water leaking.How hard is it to replace a waterpump
car wont start and the battery is fine, it will not even turn over what could cause this?
when you change transmission fluid and filter how much fluid should be added back. We are having a problem measurig the fluid on the stick when the carwarm, idling in park leave it in a 30 seconds and it is all the way up the stick check it in and out it says to add. When car is cold it measures at the first hole on the stick.
Started this morning when I started it. No problem til now. Very rough idling, missing worse when idling, but continues when driving. Turned on A/C it got alot worse. Mileage 74000.
how do you rebuild the head gasket
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