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I have to add coolant before I drive the car every time. Its not pouring out the bottom or out of the cap. Ive replaced the thermostat about 3 times. its using coolant while driving the car. the temp stays under the half mark. its not overheating. when I go somewhere, I have to stay a while for it to cool off, then add coolant before I leave or the light will come on while driving. please help
I wait 1 or 2 hours then the car will crank and run again for thirty minutes, then shuts off.
My car started to hesitate during freeway driving the other day. I have been watching it but I am not finding any common circumstance in which it does this. No error codes have been given, I just bought a new battery, no difference between day/night behavior nor uphill/downhill, I just started testing to see if the little switch (performance/normal) makes it happen less or more and so far it seems like less when in perf. position. It also seems like I am getting better gas milage but I could be mistaken. Any help is appreciated.
My car cuts off when I'm driving, no system light comes on, the car just stops. So far, it starts back eventually, but I would really like to have some idea of what's going on. It's not the battery, the lights still work. When I turn the key, it makes no sound at all--no click, nothing. It eventually will crank, right now--but it's unpredictable in how long it stays off. I'm scared to drive it right now, please help if you can.

I have to turn key 3 or more times to crank car. It turns over, but will not crank--winter time, it cranks first turn of the key. In the summer, the more stops I make, the worse it is. I live in Mississippi, where sometimes its 100 degrees, I'm afraid eventually I will get stranded somewhere, where I can't get it to start--if anyone has this same problem, or solution please answer.
my car bogs down and rattles when i put it in gear. when i put it in park it revs up really high for about 10 seconds, and then runs pretty ok. i tookit to advance auto to get a free computer check and it gave the following codes: p1404, p0141, p0404, p0302, p0341, p0401. where do i begin?
Car shakes over 50mph, this makes me nervous to drive on the interstate.
were is my #2 cylinder on my 97 saturn sl single over head
My shop is telling me the manual transmission on my '97 Saturn SL needs to be replaced because something (they're not sure what) has broken off on the inside. What they're telling me is a used/rebuilt tranny would cost about $600 and the labor would be be about that as well. I just had the manual trans cable replaced last month so I asked why none of this problem had been apparent and was told that the cable is external. In both cases I lost the ability to shift into any gears. Couldn't find anything about manual trans on this site. Any ideas? It's been a great car but has 192K mi so I'm thinking it's not worth the $. Thanks for anyone with any advice. PS...aren't Saturn parts just GM parts anyway. He's making it sound like they're hard to find.
recently my saturn has been idleing at high rpms then falling back down sometimes almost to a stall. The other day it overheated and started smoking and the temp gauge keeps falling down and coming back up.I took it to a mechanic and he could not figure it out .There are alot of codes such as cooling malfunction sparkplug misfire ect. I just got it back and it didnt over heat but was still idling very high and the temp gauge kept falling and coming back up. sometimes it has trouble starting too and other times its fine.The mechanic said he did pressure tests, checked head gasket, and said the fan kicked on when it was suppose to and said it wasn't the computer module.If u have any suggestions please help e out it will be greatly appreciated
I have a 1997 Saturn and the hood release is broken. How can I get the hood open?
How can I get the hood open on my 1997 Saturn if the hood release is broken?
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