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does the waterpump start to leak before going out
replaced and there is still one plug not getting a spark ,so it continues to bog and shake n missfire intermittently n getting worse.its running a biut better but its not fixed?
I used to take it around the block just to circulate all the fluids and one day I tried to start it and it wouldn't do anything
I have a 1996 Saturn wagon
The timing chain has slipped on my Saturn 3 times in the last year. Everything has been replaced down to the sprockets. A couple months ago I turned the car off and it wouldn't start, had the same symptoms as before the compression even mirrored that of the low compression from the timing chain. It was reset again and my car still wont start. It also blew out an injector when I tried to start it. I haven't checked the compression since it's been reset. Since it would be impossible for the car to gain too much compression does anyone have any ideas on why it wont start? or why it keeps doing this? I just want it to run so I can sell it.
I have a 96 Saturn (not sure of the model and engine). I just recently went over the 120000 miles. The car is running great but the service engine light came on. I have heard that some cars do that to get it in for the service. IS that possible?
when stopping the car slides and is uncontrollable. what causes this
all fuses good all bulbs good all other lights work
how do i fix this
I had driven my car earlier in the day with it working just fine, but when I drove it to work the shifter was a little sticky. When I tried to leave I discovered that my shifter wouldn't go into any gear except 2nd or 4th. I pushed it out of the parking lot and drove it home (just a few blocks) and by the time I made it back it wouldn't go into any gear at all. I'm hoping it's just a problem with the linkage, but am unsure. IF it's only that and not the transmission, then about how much would that be to fix?
It always stalls in forward gears but will start back up fairly easy
replaced the starter and the head gasket
after driving my car i have to get a jump to start it again or i have to wait a couple hours to start it again it happens all the time now just started this problen about two weeks ago
i dont have a code why are my valves making noise i bought it used had for about 6 months it been making noise since I bought a woman going along they told me it was something else
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