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When I put it in drive it won't grab the next gear until I lead off the gas pedal. I replaced tranny with one from junkyard and it does the same problem.
Replaced 2 temperature sensors. Radiator fan stays on - never turns off. Before changing sensors, fan only came on when A/C was turned on. Only shuts off when car is turned off.
Car would idle rough when cold. Changed PCV and MAP, then put in coolant temp sensor. Car runs fine, but temp gauge doesn't work now. Took off and turned 180* and sprayed with carb cleaner thinking it may have a coat of anti freeze on it. Do I need a bigger hammer? Thanks for the advice!
I changed the PCV and the MAP, but still no better. Runs fine when engine is warm.

95 Saturn battery starter good, won't start.acts like the neutral safety switch, Location switch for adjustment?

When the Saturn shifter is in park....engine won't turn over; when moving the shifting lever back and forth...hit a correct spot it will start. What do we need to correct the problem. Battery/everything on the engine is okay......what's the fastest way to correct this? Need advice.....location switch for adjustment? Never had a problem with this prior.....everything's original.. Thanks for any help you can give me.

I want to pay out of pocket and need to know how much and where he could go to fix it. the bumper looks like it could possibly be repairable but I would like to know the most i would have to pay to replace it. I am a college student under my parents insurance and im hopeing to just pay it myself. the bumper is rubber or plastic. thanks u guys!
should i get a new presher switch be for i do any thing more to my ac the fuse keeps blowing out jeff
also my ac keeps burning out the ac fuse under the hood what can it be jeffrey foti
About a year ago, my brakes were making noise as if they were needing replacement. I traveled out of state and had the brakes repaired - replacing rotors and pads (??) on all four wheels - in September. At the time, there was still noise, which was assumed to be the dust that would work itself out, however, they have continued to make noise since that time. Recently the noise has become much louder and much more of a grinding sound. When the tires were replaced recently, I did take a peek at the rotors and don't see much wear or signs of scratching as if something were stuck between it and the brake. The brakes seem to be operating fine (which they actually seemed to be when I had them fixed last September but didn't want to take chances). A couple times I have wondered if there is something that is not properly fully disengaging on the brake - the noise sounds quite a bit like the noise made when the emergency brake is not disengaged and someone attempts to drive. Any suggestions? Thanks so much!
first plug dry last 3 looked like they where dipped in oil
I had a book for my car and ofcourse in my many moves it had disappeared once again. Sadly my boyfriend cannot work on cars ( busted an oil pan and drove without oil for 30 miles, we were able to save it and replace the oil pan he had smashed and then he drove it and blew a rod through the engine casing) So I must do all the "important repairs" and I need to know where the fuel filter is and ensure I replace it correctly. When the care idles, it begins to shake and i know the motor mounds are intact, I checked those. It seems liek the car is not recieving enough fuel when in idle but runs fine when the gas is pushed. I am starting withthe basics, checking the filter. The lines are fine. Next would be the pump iT is 4-21 at 1:14 am and I have been looking for an online copy of the repair book but I have to have this fixed as early as possible today. So if anyone can lead me in he right direction I would appreciate it. It is a 95 Saturn SL 1 SOHC. Thanks!
I have a twin cam automatic transmission. I would like to know what years are compatible with mine. Was told different stories. (95' through 02')Can you tell me. Thank you.
So my saturn is a piece. Sometimes the engine will start and other times it doesn't even make a noise. I Need help. I dont think its the starter but it may be the relay which i have no idea where it is......
we have replaced the battery had the altanator check it is fine but battery still keeps going dead cant find any short or anything
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