1998 Saturn SC2 Questions

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The engine is in sideways.
I just can't get the door handle thru the panel hole. If I unlatch the locking bars, there isn't enough room to get in behind the panel to reattach. Please help asap. I'm the original owner and have been fixing this vehicles minor issues. I have had it stored for over four years. Brake lines corroded and are being repaired this Friday, October 23, 2015.
code P0440 came up at inspection station. Problem putting gas in car. Keeps shutting off.
Sometimes my car wont start i will turn the key and you can hear it trying to turn over but it wont after 5-10 trys it will usually start.

After it starts sometimes it will just automatically stall out unless i rev the gas pedal.
If i am at a stop sign or a redlight it will either stall out completely or my RPM'S will drop to zero without stalling out completely. I either have to restart the car or rev the gas pedal.

I have given it a complete tune-up, changed the throttle ignition sensor, oxygen sensors, coil packs, starter, altenator

I have tried dry gas, injection cleaner and various sorts like that
I have tried everything i have been told and am running out of options as my starter just went again after only a year of having it.
I would appreciate any advice
i cant find my transmission dipstick i wanted to check n see what it looked like
How do I reconnect a disconnected steering column in a 1998 Saturn SC-2?
Need to clean the head lights glass
The car will work fine for a couple of days and then it won't start. The next day it will just crank right up
When ignition key turned -- nothing! No solenoid click -- no lights dim, no curent to scanner. All equipment, headlights, horn,wipers, air, etc works. Some lights in instrument panel comes on when key is turned but nting else. Sterter tuns over (not engegae) when shorting the two larger posts at solenoid. Canget the starter to engage when shorting between the ignition post and the battery and the other large post (post with wire from solenoid to starter) at the solenoid. Also once in awhile (very seldom) when openingthe door to get in, the interior lights and the dorr alarm (beep) will come on, and the engine will crank and start when turning the ignition key! I truly believe the problem is in the ignition switch, so I need help here
My sc2 dash lights are wacky. They are on when the headlights are off and then go off when you turn the headlights on.... just when you need them to be on. Checked all fuses. Can't find problem.
i had absolutely no trouble removing the old cylinder. it popped right out as simple as the manuel said. but for some reason the new cylinder will not pop in the same way. am i doing something wrong?
Moon roof leaks does not open or close, also the ignition key is stuck, key wont come out,
My engine stutters when taking off & cold....gets better
as temp warms up. I have changed the plugs...#1-2-3 look
good....#4 is black. What might be this cause?
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