1997 Saturn SC2 Questions

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PSI should be 180 psi
car overheats at idle
The left brake light, and center brake light on the trunk, and turn signals all work fine. It's only the right rear brake light that won't work.
When I accelerate from a complete stop my front passanger tire feels like it spins a little or shutters for a few seconds before it stops and accelerate s normally.
bled line, changed fuel filter and it is still switching between gears, just barley moving though
to get it off do i need to remove somthing or cute the par so i can get to the bolt with a socket
Also 2 New Coil Packs have been put on this rig
My car has been smoking for a while now! But does not smoke on start up! But if you let it warm up for 2 or 3 minutes! Then it really Smokes! The Computer on this car is unreadable ! Because it sat for awhile before I bought it and a Drive Cycle on this car is impossible! The idle seams to be all over the map so I assume the sense is out but don't think that's the problem? A Friend of mine sold parts for 20 years and said some of these engines have a Jet Valve that goes out and fouls a plug and makes them miss? And says a replacement of this part is Not to difficult ! But without a Code Read its really just a shot in the dark! That's a problem! I don't want to spend a lot of money on this car since I didn't pay that much for it in the first place! Can you give me some ideas on what could be Wrong? I would be appreciated!! Thanks!
I'm not sure of anything on this car. I've had it since I was 20, so about 9 years. For the past 2 years, on and off, I've had this problem when I'm sitting still and the car is idling. My RPM gauge will go up to about 2, sometimes almost 3, and the engine will rev up, right along with it.

Sometimes, when the RPM gauge goes back down to 0 or almost 1 like it's supposed to, it'll just flat-out die on me. This has happened at stoplights, in drive-thrus, and in my own driveway before I turn the engine off.

I've taken this thing in to O-Reilly's, Auto Zone, Firestone, Big O's, and Meineke, MORE than once. They all give me different solutions but there's one thing they all have in common.
All of them have said they think, or know, there's a leak in there somewhere but none of them can find it nor do I notice any pools/puddles of fluid on the ground after I turn the engine off or pull out of that particular parking spot.

I've looked online and the only thing that makes any sense is that P0301 code diagnosis, but since I know next to nothing about cars, I wouldn't even know where to BEGIN to look for problems.

If someone on here would be kind enough to explain it all to me in layman's terms, preferably, I'd be really happy.
a piston blew out and decided to replace the engine.
Starts fine when warm
This vehicle has a sun roof. Door gaskets seem to OK.
The wet area is immediately in front of the driver's seat and immediately in front of the passenger seat. In all instances the car has been parked and not driven.
it isn't working
Significant pressure under cam cover. Cracked head? Head gasket? Any common problems anyone is aware of?
how do i remove panel more specificly the door handle
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