1994 Saturn SC2 Questions

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rad fan won't turn on until temp. red lines why
I have a boiling leakage coming from the bottom of my front passenger
just changed spark plugs, tune up...
just failed at 15mph with asm emissions test results NO(PPM)- MEAS 618. Needs to be lower than 504.
What can I do solve this. Need to pass test.
First start of the day all fan level controls are functional. When I get back to the car and start it up, consistently fails on all settings. When driving w/out it still feel the cool A/C drafting thru the vents, just no fan action. Leave the car off overnight, it always works. Same for an extended downtime. If it were the resistor wouldn't it still work on high since it is an unresisted electrical flow @ high? This " now I'm here and now I'm not makes me think fuse. Possible looses connection but it wouldn't be so predictable. Any thoughts?
I was told it might be the O2 sensor?
to know if this isnt some b.s.
pull fuse and it stops running
The tail lights or dash dont come on at all, its just a loose wire somewhere and my break lights work fine, so if anyone happens to know where i can find the wires thatd be great
Won't start need to have starter removed and tested or replaced.
how do i repair the leaking fuel inj hose. how do i get to it
my sunroof tracking broke possably the tab what would something like that cost to have fixed.
I recently bought a SC2 and shortly after had the odometer stop working. Is there a way to fix this without taking it in to somebody? I'd like to fix it on my own, but have next to no experience in repairs.
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