2002 Saturn SC1 Questions

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Recently bought this car used, noticed the front end of the car and steering wheel start to shake when accelerating up to 50mph, soI immediately replaced all 4 tires. Car still shakes. What's the deal??
always happens since replacing the ignition,someone said it was an actuator switch to ignition but I'm not sure how to find this information
Replaced gas cap OEM, suggested to replace Fuel Tank Pressure Sensor. Difficulty and cost?
Just bought my step son a 2002 Sc1, wouldn't pass inspection due to the dashboard lights being out. Thoughts? YouTube? Forums?
i do not know if i have VES. it isn't becoming more difficult to steer but, the condition of the accessories is not promising. there is a circular, rubbing sound coming from that area. replaced idler pulley, which helped decrease sound a small amount.

when up close to the p/s/p it isn't the rubbing noise but it is making a noise, almost like it's struggling.

happens on every start up. whether it is a chilly florida 40 degree morning or hot afternoon. fades out a bit, but never really stops.

and this is without the a/c on.
They click when no one is in the car and run the battery down to dead. This is the second time I am having them replaced.
Occasionally will go into reverse when cold.
No reverse
First purchased, the battery life lasted about 2 - 3 years. Once she turned 10, the battery's life has shorten drastically. I have had to replace the battery twice in 2012. And now the current battery (only 2 months old) is dead and will not take a charge. The alternator reads "like new" numbers. The last AAA guy side it was probably electrical, but I don't know where to begin in that area. Any advice is much appreciated!
usually when the engine is warm.
I had the "Service Engine Soon" light come on and took it to Autozone for a diagnostic check. The active code is P0410, secondary air injection system fault. In the Hanes manual I have on the car there is no P0410 code. Has anyone had a problem like this?
I have a 2002 Saturn SC1 my drl wouldn't turn off even after the car was shut off, i removed the relay from the fusebox but they still stayed on. i would like to know what else i could try. Thsnks
left my lights on overnight, battery was dead, nothing. charged battery and now it trys to start even kicks over a small amount then stops. will not it isnt getting fuel. car sat out on a -2 degree night also.
I need intake caskets, O2 sensor, module and coil
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