2000 Saturn SC1 Questions

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the radio will not come on, it does not even show the time
Other times works fine.
All electrical works but the car does nothing even click when trying to start sometimes other times works fine.
I'm afraid that when I park on a hill the emergency brake might fail and the car will roll away. isn't the transmission supposed to lock when you put the car in park. How much does this cost to fix?
sometimes have to disconnect the battery for about 5 min and push the pedal to floor for it to start
The car shifts hard sometime sometime smooth. I also here like a bang or clunk and it jerks the vehicle I got a code po734 saying it was the solenoid shift
I tried to restart it and nothing. no lights on, no sound, not a dern thing.
how do you change a water pump
My car is stuck in 3rd. Shifter loose, will not shift into any other gear, will land in the 3rd spot, won't lock in, but still very loose. I found comments on this bushing, and saw a picture of a replacement invention on ebay. the tabs that secure it(into the plastic thing that holds the line in place)seem to reach farther than just the lip, maybe far enough for the cable to sit in between two of the tabs?? My question is, could the bushing be broken on the inside? And if it is, how do i get it off to check without breaking it, and if it doesn't really do anything, then WHAT COULD IT BE???? (the clutch is only 1yr old, and works fine to start the car, no signs of going bad)
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