1999 Saturn SC1 Questions

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Mounts motor and trans been changed and dog bones new. When I first get in, in the morning don't do it. Or if car sits a while
No click, no turn over or anything when trying to start. I'm thinking relay or safety switch, maybe clutch safety (there is a switch that is depressed upon clutch pedal depression).
Replaced spark plugs, fuel filter the crankshaft sensor. It was starting you had to pump the gas but now I pump the gas and still nothing what could this be
car sputters and sputters and eventually will start,is coolant temp circuit switch bad? or fuel pump?po118
I'm thinking the gas is draining back to the tank and it's taking time to build pressure again. A friend suggested possibly a fuel return module. Does this car have one? Is there an inline filter that would act as a check valve?
just replaced intake manifold gasket light came on before this repair
Does anyone know if the 1999 Sc-1's are susceptible to the cracked cylinder head problem that arose in previous years, and addressed in service bulletin TSB 96-t-65B? I know the bulletin says 1991-1997, but I occassionally read reviews with people complaining of the same problem in a 1999 model.
how much 134a freon does the system require
Engine will not turn over (or crank over)
my car seat wont fit in the saturn safely are there any that will?
engine cuts in and out between 1500 and 2000 rpm. runs fine once up to speed
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