1997 Saturn SC1 Questions

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My car doesn't want to start because I remove the radio and I'm puzzle doesn't want to start does this car has antitheft
I removed and dried spark plugs and wires the car was able to be push started but was idling very high. When I, came to a complete stop the car idled very low and shut off. Had to push start it again.
after it sputters to crank it throws a cloud of smoke and it smells of gasoline as well..
Why won't my car go into gear
My daughter hit a curb n tore wires we replaced wires and the shop said converter code showing need to change plugs , we changed plugs n catilac converter and is still doin the same thing
how do I change the lock cylinder without the key can you please help me
It has lots of blue smoke! Plus this really puzzled me! Ran a compression check. While cranking the needle in gauge went up but wouldn't stay. I can't believe all the cylinders are 0 it runs to good!
also my air bag light sometimes comes on when i'm driving
Never a prob with trans till this happened. Had to drive home in 2nd gear. Would worn motor mount cause engine to sag on one side so that gears aren't meshing?
there is a problem with going into reverse it takes a while for it to engage and some times stutters
Changed out fuel filter, Oxygen sensor, Crankshaft position sensor, to no avail, gas milage is still below normal. What next? Also deaccelerates when climbing hills. And acts like it has no power.
car didnt pass inspection cause power port would read
replaced timimg chain now car wont start it back fires
my car does ok when in park but when i put it in drive, it bogs down and rattles like it is going to cut off, and sometimes it does cut off. I have tried a few things already but nothing is working. can anybody give me any ideas other than "take it to a shop"?
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