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Might it be knock sensor or oxygen sensor
Stop signs, red lights, just stop in traffic the car stalls out , why would this be? Most the time it will start right back up but I need to rev the gas pedal when starting it.. Although sometimes it will not start right back up and I must wait twenty - forty min before it will. What could be the problem?
What tools are needed to remove the valve cover gasket? And how do you do it? And how to do put a new valve cover gasket on the engine?
will the need of a coolant flush make the two coolant lights to flash
i have a 95'saturn that dies while im driving sometimes and someone said to check the fuel pressure and the fuel regulator but im not sure where to look or how to check it. any ideas?
sometime while driving my car tries to die but it is a manual trans. so i can easily restart it while driving. but sometimes when comming to a stop when i press on the clutch the car idle starts to flutter and dies unless i rev up the engine. if it does die or i pull over and turn it off when it acts up it will drive fine. i was wondering what i can do to fix the problem. it is a '95 saturan sc 1.9 ltr.
Just got my transmission repaired and still having problem with it. Instead of it not changing gears right, now it jerks when it shift.Took it back then was told that it needs transmission mount and motor mounts. Replace them and still having jerks. Now its making noise when I turn on the aircondition, alot of rattling. I did't have any problem with my aircondition until I had work done on my transmission for the second time. Please help and tell me what aim doing wrong with my car problems.
Sometime when I'm driving my car it past the first gear but when it get to the second gear it will stays in it for about thirty second then past. It don't happen alot but it is doing it. It may do this about twice aweek. It depends on how much I drive it.I also would like to know is this hurting the motor?
Is it nessary to pull the Engine out to change the Oil Pan Gasket in a 1995 Saturn SE1?
I had a fuel pump replaced. Now the car runs rough and white / blue smoke emits from the exhaust. what has caused this? It ran fine without any smoke prior to failure of the fuel pump.
1995 SC1 - SOHC - #3 plug from left is fouling with oil. No coolant is noticed in oil or vice versa. What could be causing this...where should I start first?
okay im having a lot of car problems. the transmission was replaced a few years ago but now the car is jerking a lot and then it kept dying when I put it in reverse, and ontop of that it overheated and I just replaced the entire cooling system and gave 'er a tuneup, and I dont know if its the brakes or what but the car makes a really loud squealing sound and I hear a clanking like those little monkey toys with the symbols clanking together. any ideas? I'm afraid to drive 'er to the auto place at the moment.
I just replaced the entire cooling system and did a small tune up including, fuel filter, air filter, oil filter, and transmission filter. and replaced the sparkpulgs and wires. well now when im driving the engine will rev upto 3 and above and not switch gear, then sometimes i will have to completely stop to get it to switch other times, it will slow down and go no more than 20 mph and thats with the gas pedal floored, the transmission was replaced before it got it, and they said it only has a timing chain and no belt. keep in mind this doesnt happen everyday, its very random, and some days my car runs like butter, and i'm so scared its just gonna quit cause it seems too good. anyone have any insight into this problem I called midas but they want me to drop it off for a day so they can charge me an arm and a leg.
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