2007 Saturn Relay Questions

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started yesterday evening said air conditioner shut down to prevent damage to engine
When the message is showing the gauge shows cold and the hoses feel normal. What is happening?
My gauge reads completely cold but I got a message saying " A/C off for engine protection", What would likely cause this? Drove a little more and the gauge went to normal and the message went off.
Happens when Im at a complete stop then take off. Makes a noise and feels like something is stuck or catches in the front end, front passenger side. Happens on daily basis. Of course dealer and garages cant figure it out.
I have a Saturn Relay 2007 and the abs traction light keeps coming on since I bought it. I have had the sensors replaced multiple times since I bought this vehicle. The lights still keep coming on. When they do you can feel the traction in the tires when you brake. It is like the wheels are still turning with your foot on the brakes. My mechanic has taken the van to a GM dealer ship also and they can not figure it out! Go figure! GM has not been helpful at ALL!!!! I want to know what is the fix to this problem. Because my next step is going to an attorney and getting this resolved.

Country: United States
Make: Saturn
Model: Relay
Year: 2007

Already Tried:
Everything of changing the senors multiple time and getting the sensors from the dealership, making sure her tires were good and inflated properly, changing a battery that went out recently and changing the alternator that wasn't giving out the correct voltage. the traction control light still come on right after picking it up from the mechanic.
I am about to change the shocks and struts on this vehicle. Should I change out just the strut or the whole strut assembly, including the coil spring? Do I need a coil spring compressor if I change these out and will a front end realignment be required afterwards?
I just noticed the rear parking assist does not work and neither do the lights at the rear lift gate. What could be the problem? If it is a fuse, I can't tell which one. Does the plug at the under the right rear of the van have the wiring in it for the sensors? Do these sensors work off of a 12 volt power supply?
After I have turned on the seat heater for a while it feels like it is getting super hot. I don't want it to quit working like my other one did last year. It did the same thing. I have not yet found out why it quit working.
This is an off and on problem. Other times both work fine. The engine is not overheating.
I am getting wet carpet more on the right than the left. Does anyone know where the A/C drain hose is on this vehicle or the Chevrolet Uplander minivans? I can't find the hose to see if it is plugged.
The front heater will blow hot but when you stop for a light it will start blowing cold but will again blow hot when you speed up and the rear heater never blows hot. What could cause this problem?
Are this something that is replaceable or do you have to replace the seat? Is it something that an average mechanic can change or does it have to be an upholstery shop?
Does power go through the switch then to a relay or from the relay to the switch on this vehicle? When I turn on my switch for the drivers seat it shows power, but the seat doesn't get warm. A little while later the light on the switch will go off, still no heat on the seat. The passenger seat works fine. Before this problem the switch would stay lit the whole time the switch was turned on.
I need to pull the headlight to get to the DRL that is below it. The DLR is busted and I need to replace it and I think the way to do this is to pull the headlight out. I pulled the pin and the only screw that I saw, but I still can't get the light out. What else do I need to do? This of course is thie same van as the Chevrolet uplander along with a Pontiac and a Buick.
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