2005 Saturn Relay Questions

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When I start the vehicle it shakes and bots out but doesn’t die. Check engine light comes on and flashes. Eventually stays on. I lose acceleration.
Obd reader says misfire cylinder 6. I changed spark plugs and the problem still occurring. It says 02 sensor circuit low voltage bank 1 sensor 2. I don’t know what to change next any ideas?
The back blower work fine but no air comes from the front vents up top defrost or lowere? It did it once and it came back on but it’s not coming back on. I can hear it changing speeds and changing from regular to defrost but not blow air. What can it be and is it expensive?
2005 saturn relay van. The low oil pressure alarm came on and van shut off. Will not crank now. Just makes a clicking noise. Have tried putting another battery in. This did not work . Have tried resetting codes. Still won't crank. Any suggestions?
Driving down the road, van running fine, when the low oil alarm came on. Van shut down. Would not crank back up. Had towed home. Filled oil back to correct levels. 1 and half quart. Van refuses to crank. Upon turning ignition key it just clicks. Have tried resetting alarm.
My check engine light has been coming on for about a year. The emmissons system was cleaned, gas cap replaced three times, pulleys and serpentine belt replaced, (I haven't a clue why. Mechanic said it was making noise, but I never heard it and I hear EVERYTHING.), gas tank harness replaced, EGR valve replaced, right front hub bearing and sensor, ABS module replaced, complete steering column replaced. This is the first time in over 12 years I've had a problem except when Williamson Cadillac supposedly did the 100,000 mile servicing and destroyed my transmission. I have had a problem since the vehicle was about six months old with the fuel gauge suddenly dropping to empty, then slowly coming back up to full and my mileage continued to say 23.3-5 miles per gallon when I switched from expressway driving to city driving. It used to read between 650 to 700 miles fuel range when filling, but after Williamson supposedly did the 100,000 mile servicing, (we had to replace the serpentine belt and do oil change two months later), I was only getting 12-15 mpg and was turning more rpms than before. When I took it in, it had dropped to 19.8. This past year, it has dropped to 15-16.9 mpg. Even on trips across state on turnpike and expressway, it never makes it to 20 mpg. I went ahead and paid the $1500 because it has been so trouble free, but this thing with the check engine light and now the traction control light only a day after getting it back this time is bothering me. It was in the shop for two and a half weeks this time and all codes were cleared and "everything"checked. The mechanic who worked on it last month, (he changed to pulleys without telling or asking me), the gas tank harness, and the gas cap also said he checked it from bumper to bumper. Any suggestions? I don't want to continue to be charged for work not authorized and for (this time) almost $500 more than the estimate. My husband and I are retired and don't foresee driving that much longer, so really don't care to buy another car. (Especially when we won't know if it will be more problematic.) As I said, we feel very fortunate that we had so many good years with the Relay 3. Thank you for any suggestions you may have.
P.S. It's a 3.5L engine - I was not given that choice.
The fans don't come on until you turn the heat or AC on
I need to charge ac gas on it
I have a Saturn relay 200t. The car's key was lost and we bought a new one. Nobody know how to configurate the new chip key. We took the saturn to Chevro/Statlin shop and they could not configurate the Key. I live in Kissimme, Fl
Code reader says replace thermo..did that twice..thinking there's a leak or clog.
metal arm which extends forward to hold the axle in place broke
With no warning the van wont start. All the lights etc. come on and it tries to start but its as if there is no final spark to turn the engine over. I swear I can hear the fuel pump buzzing.
The temperture gauge started going back and forth. The engine light would come on and the gauge would go back to less then half and light would turn off. Would this be my temperture sensor that needs to be replaced or is this something else. The guage stopped working and engine light is on.
Stopped turning on what is that motor for and how do I get it to turn back on?
And I've had it changed in its still reading the same thing so what could be the problem
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