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You could could hear the air cuting in a out in low and eventually no air comes out from the vents. However if a put it in (the blower speed) it take some time blow but it eventually blows, then a put on low speed and it will last for a little bit and then again no air coming out of the vents
my air conditioning works but one side blows warm air on left side and the other blows cool air, on the right side
Do I need it repair or do I just need Freon ,
What seems to make the problem better or worse? !!
How long have you had this problem? A month now
I purchased a cabin air filter at Autozone that is supposed to be for a 2008 Saturn XR AWD, but when I looked behind the glove box, there is no cover that releases with latches. Instead, the "cover" is held in place with screws. Before I go to the effort of trying to pull this apart (the screws are very unhandy to take out), is there anything behind this cover?
My vehicle cut off in the middle of driving due to low oil no smoke or leakages
The car has 155500 miles on it and the oil is saying 18% however they are recommending an oil change first even though its pulling a cam sensor overload code. The service traction control and stabilitrace errors on the dash and making a whining noise usually when turning or acceleration. It is showing the P011 code.
I just brought in my '08 Outlook at 100k miles to replace the power steering pump as it was making noise and I received the letter about the extended replacement until 150K.

After diagnostics the dealer is saying that the pump will be replaced for free but ..... That's not the only issue.
They claim the all power steering is leaking and they need to change the power steering gears (rack and pinions) and that's about $1600.
In addition they claim the timing cover is leaking and they need to be replacing the oil gasket. If they do both at the same time they can save money and only charge me $2300.


First of all, is it even possible that the leaking power steering requires a complete replacement? They say if I do not do it the pump will fail again.
And does it really take another bill to change the timing cover gasket?
What kind b of technician should check this brake, electric etc and how serious is it?
our local GM dealership is aware and says so is GM about the continued transmission issues on the saturn outlooks. what does it take to get a recall? i've already had $3,000 work done on mine replacing the 35R wave plates and the transmission is still not shifting correctly. i'm afraid to put my foot into it when passing as that is when it experiences shifting issues the worst. the transmission work was done 3 years ago so of course it's out of warranty. as outlook owners what can we do to try and get GM to recall this issue because it is clearly a RECALL and needs to be such by GM!
Didn't know a cars rear end had an alignment ? I this possible ?
Went to AutoZone the other week for the check engine light. They told me that it was: P0752- 2 shift solenoid valve performance and P0700 - transmission control module. The light went off about 10 minutes after the diagnostic. But I still took it to my mechanic. He ran his test and nothing showed up for those. But the alternator was acting screwy. So I got that fixed. After I picked my car up the light was back on, went back to the mechanic. Test showed the same from AutoZone. My mechanic doesn't do transmission work and said it would be fine to drive around. The light went off and now is back on again.

How major is this issue and about how much does it cost to get this repaired on the average? My uncle said it could just be a loose wire. How can I check for that before taking it to a shop?
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