2007 Saturn Outlook Questions

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Put a new alternator on truck won't turn over our make any noise so I went got a new battery and it still won't turn over but before I changed the alternator and battery it could be jumpstarted
I got this car about 5 months ago and I told the man who sold us it the car need to be service to have the rotors done I noticed a clicking noise when you started the engine I asked him to have it serviced I was driving home today and I could not put the car in Drive reverse the bad part about it as was I have a newborn in the car only 3 weeks old and was stranded on the highway for over 3 hours and then there was a recall on the vehicle will be never got the Carfax on this vehicle from the dealership what would be the best suggestion to do
The transmission is stuck in 2nd gear and they are going to fix it and they also recommend a transmission flush. Is it good for the transmission cause they said the fluid was burnt or should I just get a transmission change?
2007 Saturn Outlook XR V6 121,010 miles stabiltrack/traction control warning indicator posted after driving 5 miles on expressway. Shortly after, low oil pressure posted also. Chevrolet dealer service dept. says these particular indicators all post together if one detects abnormal operation. Changed oil & filter & inspected old oil for sludge/metal shavings. No contaminants found. Oil pressure normal until engine gets hot then drops to 5 psi consistently, then cam actuators start knocking. If engine cools down, warning indicators clear & engine runs fine. Service rep says likely cause oil pick up tube restricted or bad oil pump estimate @ $2000-2500 mostly labor to pull engine. Could the oil pressure switch be the culprit? Note, transmission is shifting from drive to reverse with hesitation & clunking but performs ok in drive & reverse.
Googled this and someone said replace filter. but just got new on with the oil change. How much should we pay for repair
oil in intake tube low oil pressure and metal tube leaking oil into spark plug
Car shifts into drive, reverse and low with no issues. While driving and during acceleration the transmission will shift from 1st to 2nd, but from 2nd to 3rd it doesn't shift and the engine races upwards of 4500 rpm.
my car is giving off the code P0017 P0018, which is camshaft Correlation sensor I want to know if there is a way to adjust the timing.
I need a diagram of how to replace the water pump on my 07 outlook
How do we suckers go about getting GM to recall and rectify Tranny Issues.
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