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power locks don't work , can't lock or unlock from inside of car, and don't work on fob. When I held down the lock button on the fob, horn honked, but car did not lock. What is going on?
The warning chime in my Saturn will not shut off the whole time I am driving. Seatbelts are fastened, doors are closed, etc...the really odd thing is it doesn't seem to happen if it under 65 degrees outside. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated!
cambios largos y jaloneos en cada cambio de velocidad
It switches at 10 mph and then at 30 mph but after that it doesn't change anymore
I'm about replace head gasket
Selling car 29 codes came up. One is pending. Some contradict each other. Recently repaired and no lights coming on. Are 29 codes accurate? With no symptoms or warning lights?
Acts like a fuse link is blown? Any suggestions on where they might be? Also anything else I might look for that would cause this. It almost will start kinda stumble and die. Thanks in advance. Jim
Bought car, owner said no problems. Wrench came on, car would jerk as it was shifting into 3rd and 4th gear.
Took to garage. Large bill, then one week later, it does the same thing. I can't keep putting a lot of money into this car when I have owned it one month. Do not drive it very much. Now the garage is talking about the mass air flow, which will be expensive also. Can anyone help. I really regret buying this car. I couldn't afford to buy a new one so I opted for a used one owner car with half the mileage of my other car. Here at Christmas and I don't have a dependable car, not to mention that it is draining my checking acct. Help?
My AC is stuck on heat
The buttons are stuck
3rd fuel pump replacement in less then 2 yrs just had last one replaced weekend of 6/12/15 ran fin all weekend got home today 6/15/2015
and now it wont start. sputters and coughs like she wants too very frusterated is their more then 1 pump on this car
this is the 3rd one in about a 1 1/2 yrs. the most recent one was done 6/13/2015. she drove fine all weekend with no starting issues. got home today and now she wont start. she sputters and coughs but wont turn over
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