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I'm smelling a very strong gas smell on the same side as the tank. Doesn't matter if it's low on gas or full tank. What could the issue be?
Used autoscanner and identified 19 codes. Cleared the codes, but now the car won't start. Battery has full charge, but when I turn ignition key, all I get are clicks. Interior lights and fan come on - just won't start. Any ideas?
Set timing after replacing Belt
Stalled 343 code new timing belt marks in time no compression at plugs pushing hand off intake runners. Do I have head damage
I turned the car off immediatly. What could be causing that kind of a noise?
If the car is cut off and cut back on, the light doesn't come on until another 40 minutes.
If the car is cut off and cut back on, the light doesn't come on until another 40 minutes. Had a EGR val code put cleaned that.
I have had my 2001 L300 Saturn for just over 2yrs & on mother's day my check engine light came on & the car begin to run rough.. I've had the throttle body repaired along with the fuel injector but the car is running the same... What could it be!??
must you do timing belt?
must you do timing belt?
Ive replaced all these patrs. 2 have been more than once or twice. Crank censor and waterpump. I reach 30mph the battery light comes on for a sec and during that sec the car looses power then remains stalling for a few secs..I have to drive it as if it were a standard.. what else could be wrong..? I kbow itll have to be the alternator ecu orr censors.. I dont know. Do you
Oh and also something like' trans can fail' and neutral censor was the two things I remember
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