2003 Saturn L200 Questions

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Theres no noise i just saw a spot whrn i came home and i checknit out and it was oil base
Car is parked no keys in it and my headlights come on after dark every night and I wake up my battery is dead every morning
the fuel has probably varnished and won't start or run properly
My key is worn and is making it difficult to start car
I have a power steering leak
Checked all fuses,charged batt. Am going to do crankshaft position sesor next,I guess
The antitheft light came on after the seatbelt had been caught in the passenger side door
With high beam on with the car turned off, the battery ran down
No power to windows and sunroof
I have 6 green 30 amp. One silver that says 30 and a orange 40 amp fuse could this be whats draining my battery
The problem didnt start until i had a mechanic fix my third brake light what he did i do not know if the job consisted of bulbs or fuses or both
The backwindshield light was repaired could that ne the problem? Or fuses?
just replaced raditator hose on top of radiator .small hose .Now the leak is gone but there is a hissing sound like air being released from somewhere.then stops .does the over flow hose need to be clear or is there a air release on motor until its full with anti frezee
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