2002 Saturn L200 Questions

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The mechanic also said the fuel fill neck might be rusted out causing the check engine light to come on.
Leaking at factory seam
The top brake light works fine but the bottom lights don't work
It cut off sometimes going down the street and I can't get it back started.It would get no power when I turned the key at all.Sometimes even killing the battery trying to start it.
It croocked its hard to steer n leks fluid
I've done just about everything except paint it. So frustrated! Changed all 4 spark plugs, fuel filter, crankshaft sensor, and even bought a new gas cap. From my understanding, my compression is low? I think they did some test 4 different times, and said the compression was 30, 30, 30, 30 .... What do I do??? Please help me!!!
4 ways work but not the turn signals
Battery is at10 volts alternator is at 12 volts and abs light just came on. Will any or all of these cause that problem
The interior and headlights start flashing. I can take out the DRL and they still flash. You can also feel and hear a clicking noise on the gear shift. Can someone please help. Thanks
Was driving car went inside for 15 minutes come back out to start car have no power car wont turnover,gotta jump no dash lights no power no nothing what is the problem
I need to see the vacuum hoses and canister hook ups

emission code # PO 440
a/c was working great until winter once we turned heater on then a/c would never come on again. we figure maybe a switch maybe sticking or maybe even went out. anyone have any idea what the problem could be? we have tried charging, but its full.
Instead of new

GAs is leaking... rust, old...
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