2001 Saturn L200 Questions

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My saturn L200 smells like has all the time I have changed the injectors what else could it be please help
What seems to make the problem better or worse? When driving
How long have you had this problem? A few weeks
When try to restart does this everytime. It done this speraticly for bout a mth or so then stopped for 3mths or so now continuesly does this
temperature needle in car goes to hot because fan motor wont come on
I was driving it. Bought the car used had 150,000 miles on it. Had just changed the oil and filter today because the oil was black and it was smoking out the tailpipe. I was driving it to get gas and all of a sudden the rpm dropped and i would press on the has but it wouldn't go. It died. I pulled it over and tried to crank it. It cranked but was sputtering and then died. I know its not the battery because all the lights and everything come on. Any suggestions on what's wrong with it?
Top speed is only 35mph. It's an automatic. Would it be a sensor or clutch plates in tranny shot?
There is no power. But then they go down just find.
Threw an alternator belt , lost all power , replaced the belt.allowed the car to run for abut 15 Min's, Sounded good , belt looked good. all warning lights were off.As i put it in drive it jerked badly and jerked while changing into each gear.However with each gear that shifted the lower the gear the harder the shift , the higher the gear the lighter the jerk. Please help :)
The turn signals and emergency flashers do not work or work very intermittently. Replaced turn signal/light switch with no change in their operation. There is no "check engine" light or engine "codes". All other functions appear to work normally.
It occurs depending on the surface of the road.
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