2002 Saturn L100 Questions

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2002 saturn l100
where to fill the transmission fluid?
My car was running down the road and my fan wasn't turning on and the car started to get hot.
the car wont do anything dash lights or head lights...wont crank,,,,battery is good
Car was running, started to sputter. Tach only went up to 2000, car stalled. Car started one last time but, now cranks over and no start.
There are 2 light bulbs in the instrument panal above the speed o meter that don't light up. Looking up from the speedo i can see blue that is in the panal where the bulbs are. When I take the bulbs out and shine a small light in the hole where the bulbs go I can see the blue light up. Nothing I do make those bulbs light, what are they for.
My car has less than 80k on her. Battery's ok. Had it towed and they can't find anything either. They say it could be a timing chain or off it's track or maybe a compression issue, but it has never, I mean never run rough and oil/maintenance is done regular. Any ideas, and if so can you give an approximate of how much to fix. Have limited cash so don't want to put too much into a great but 14 yr old car.
Don't mean to bug just had a couple of question I'm having the exact problems on my vehicle an I try to get a new fob program to computer an they told me they couldn't even connect to it an also wanted to know how I would know if my key is chipped or not my original 1 had a black top but doesn't mean it's chipped right I've been using my spare last two years original broke an I lost it an last how to know if bcm an security passlock ignition module works please an thank you anything can help
185,000 miles. Did go over a bumpy rail crossing kinda' fast, but car ran fine & started 2X after
Can't afford a new car right now. How much are used engines?
Engine will run very rough, misfire and service engine light will flash. Had ignition module replaced 4 times in last 16 months using Napa parts. Am now being told maybe needs a dealer part. What are the chances a dealer part will actually fix the issue? Trying to figure out whether to dump more money into the car or trade it in. Thanks!
Ok first off water wa in my oil . So. Changed head gasket, and the rest from there still ran, but wanted to idle rough when u stop at a light, would stall out sometimes, but if I keep my foot on gas to keep idle up it was fine. Ok so all these codes came up, so like a dummy I went out n replaced what all it said map sensor, throttle position sensor,crank position sensor,02 sensor,ignition control, coil, pluggs, fuel pump, fuel filter. Well it's still sitting in the driveway, won't start???? I hope I can get it going, my only ride. Can someone help??thanks
As I drive it will not go into the highest gear when I accelarate.
Plastic latch (?) mechanism is broken which is why I cannot fix it myself. Help with infor please!
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