2001 Saturn L100 Questions

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Dont know why but after about 15mins my fan will shut off and stay off causing the car to run hot. Replaced the fuses.relays. coolant temp sensor. And checked the water pump for leaks. None. But yet the fan stopps working around 15 20mins of driving
Noticed gas dripping under gas tank.
Car runs good. Starts good. Has power.
Took car to a mechanic. He claims that
The fuel pump modular had gone bad or was deteriorating. What I've read about a
FPM, it's interior and a exterior leak is
Unlikely. Is this FPM bad?
latest flash count was 27
no codes when diagnostic was read
It seems as if the clutch is chattering,but wife took car to Midas Muffler,& they diagnosed problem as some type of "module"Does anyone have any idea what this problem might be,and how much it should cost to repair?
I read a little bit online that some people just pulled it off. I have tried to days twisting and turning and it wont budge.
car was making whistling noise when it was cold and then started doing it all the it runs hot with the same noise on a short distance
what is the cost to replace ac unit
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