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The engine light at first came on intermittently. Finally it would not go off. The pre-catalytic converter sensor was replaced and the engine cleaned with a kit. Additionally, and probably unrelated, the coolant warning flashed on the speedometer on 4 occasions spaced by a few days though the coolant chamber is full. For the first time ever a few days later I had a soft miss at low speeds. A few days later the engine light came on and suspecting a possible particle of carbon loosened up, I slowly in park increased the engine speed to clear the carbon. Just before it got to 4000 rpm, the engine speed dropped for a fraction of a second and increased. This kept occurring several tomes of a several second interval until the engine stalled. I tried again the next day and the day after that and the same thing happened. This is NOT a cylinder miss, but a full engine miss. I tend toward a gas filter problem and shudder that it might be an ignition or gas pump problem. Any thoughts?
Sounds like when you hit a bump you're hearing out loud rattle
What seems to make the problem better or worse? No
How long have you had this problem? 6 month
I brought my car in to a repair shop, told them it was making a knocking noise, also had some new tires put on. They gave the car back with the new tires on it but still making the knocking noise. The car is now back at the shop for the knocking noise and suddenly they were able to identify whats causing the knocking noise. NOw I have to pay for another alignment because the struts are being replced. Im thinking they need to eat the cost of this second alignment for not finding this issue the first time. I paid for an alignment when the tires were changed. I need to know if this a get-over. Please advise.
There's a noise towards the dear when I start it and then my door locks go crazy and it jumps in a different gear.
Sometimes the ABS light stays on after I start the car. Sometimes it doesn't come on till I'm already driving down the road. Then sometimes it doesn't come on at all. I just need to know if this is dangerous and needs to be looked at right now or something that can be checked later on. I'm going out of town and need to know if it is safe to drive my car or not.
When driving our 2006 ion with automatic transmission long distisances and stopping for short periods. Start the engine the transmission will shift hard into the different gears. I replaced a fuse took care of problem for a while but now the car ( and not every time) will have the hard shift from one gear into the next what could be the problem?
I replaced my throttle body assembly because my car was going in to low power mode. And it had seemed to fix the problem but now randomly it happens and I can't figure out the problem.
It all started like 2 weeks ago, the check engine light was flashing only when excelerating or going up a hill, so took it to machanic and thy said it was the plugs, so I got new plugs, it seemed fine for a few days. Now the car feels rough, it feels like it's jumping and sputtering when excelerating and going up hills. So I took it back to machanic and now it says misfire on cylinder 2. I dunno what to do with it. Please help!
my front driverside signal constantly goes out. I noticed a recall that requires a kit too be added. Wondering if I'm not oo late. Btw i freakin hate saturns! Nothing but problems from the first week i bought it.
For the life of me I can't find a throttle position sensor in my online search. I find throttle body, is it the same? All I know is Auto Zone's diagnostic guy's machine indicated the TPS was why my SES light is on and my car chokes out every time RPM drop below 1500-1000. Help! I'm trying to get this done as cheaply yet effectively as possible. Can anyone help me with this? It would be greatly appreciated.
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