2005 Saturn Ion Questions

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Check engine light is on.

my power steering light is on dealer says I need a new power steering columm

It's noisy when I push in the clutch.

It is time for my oil change. How much would a air filter also cost?

I want to try putting on a new gas cap and see if that will correct the issue of the "check engine light" to come on. I had issues with this in the past, and to pass the emission test one year, a new one was put on.

Hooked the car up to the computer at the mechanics. Check engine light was on and exhaust had awful smell. Replaced spark plugs, boot and cool pack. Any suggestions.

Why would a car lean to one side after the changing of both struts on the front of the car

And what are some reputable web sites to buy from?

The electric window came out of the track and fell inside door. Got the window back up mostly but now the door won't open . Any ideas ? Can't get inner door panel off to work on window because the door won't open.

The map lights will come on when I stop at a stop sign. Or will not turn off when I park and take the key out. They will go off after about 20 min, then turn back on. Very frustrating to go out in the morning, and the battery is dead.

I have a 2005 Saturn Ion with less than 50km on it. In  Nov 2009 for some reason the car would not start - it was winter and was late at night.  We tried the next day and it started.  This happened again during the winter but after a boost it started.  We had the battery replaced in Feb 2010 and from time to time, the Saturn does not start and it's not during winter. We brought the car into the dealership and the said it may be a security feature that prevents the car from starting - that is we didn't insert the key in properly. I am no expert but I don't buy it.  After all the years since we had the car, we don't know how to insert the key to start the car?  Also,  the dial on the speedometer goes crazy while driving as it sways back and forth.  What is wrong with the car? How much wwould repairs cost us- best estimate appreciated without seeing the car.  Winter is approaching and i would hate to have an unreliable car.  Should we replace the car? Thanks for your input.

i replaces spark plugs, air filter. put it on code tester, read no codes, but said mass air flow out of range, replaced mass air flow, but my car still dies when i am in gear in ideal, not when in park

Changed coil pack, plugs, ignition module and problem remains.
Removed coil pack and removed plugs...they each look the same, the "boots" and inner springs look clean as well as the plugs...the plugs each look the same...looked at the pins on the electrical connector to the ICM and there is no oxidation. It appears the ECM is not getting the confirmation signal that #2 cylinder is firing...What else do I consider except the ECM.

power light on because computer bad

My engine light came on and the car would only go 20 miles per hour. Had it towed to the mechanic. It seems that the security system has failed on my car and totally shut it down. What can I do about getting parts or how to reset the security system.