2005 Saturn Ion Questions

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REPLACED THE FUEL PUMP 2 YEARS AGO - this is my neighbors vehicle - they don't have a computer
Replaced the map sensor and both 02 sensors which were coding. It starts and runs great for 30 miles then it starts running rough like the mixture is too rich. Once I let it sit for an hour or more and cool off, it starts and runs great again. What is wrong?
I want to change iac valve but don't want to spend endless money and time I do not have
Now in March 2015 I got new fuel rail, battery, and radiator. Electric in my car is fine but there isn't any power to motor. Does anyone have any clue at far as what should be my next step in checking? Help....please. Thanks in advance!
no engine oil light came on but it was close to the time I usually change it. When I drained the oil, I got less than a quart out. I continued to change the oil and took it for a drive around the block. The noise when away for a day and then quietly returned. I have about 180,000 miles and I'm wondering if this is a big ticket repair.
I replaced the sensor and coolant reservoir but it continues to come on. What would be the next step?
Changed plugs,iac valve w/throttle body, 02 sensor b4 the catalytic converter and still
I changed spark plugs gapped them the IAC valve throttlebody O2 sensor and it still does it usually in the morning
I went to auto zone and they gave me codes. The O2 sensor have been replaced and thats what they are telling me that it is. I need to know asap so I can get it fixed. My inspection expires tomorrow
they want to replace both lower control arms, what should that cost? Is that different from ball joints? The car shakes when I apply the brakes. I was given an estimate of about $600.00
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