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The mechanic says that to replace the fan motor blower they have to use a “kit” that involves cutting the bottom of the fan motor assembly out in order to replace it - he said the alternative would mean removing the dash board to replace it. I never seen anybody have to do this per You Tube or per an internet google search - am I getting scammed?
I never had a problem with my car other than minor maintenance. Now, It's starting to fall apart because I recently had an accident that crushed in the front hood and pushed the frame in. It affected the radiator and A/C which I had repaired and I paid out of pocket. The repair shop said they were trying to same parts for me so it wouldn't cost so much.

After a week I noticed a leak and took it back. They said it was the A/C lines that need replacing. I need to get an estimate. But I can't pay another high expense. Help me figure out how to get those parts and repairs at a low cost. How much is the estimated cost for this repair? Thank you, Mrs. Harris
Do I still have leeway from the recall?
When you press door lock untill chimes 3times and shut door it locks all doors and passlock light should flash ....Passlock light is not flashing
It literally split in half and pulled the axle down with it as well as the ball joints, bushings, tyrod, and the tire fell off and went into the passenger fender. The undercarriage was scattered across the road as well. 2 minutes earlier and I would of been on highway driving 85 mph. This happened 2 mins from home after driving 1900 miles home from Florida. I was 2 mins away from arriving home and just got off highway when it dropped. Literally going 10 mph
Window will go donw but not up
When testing current flowing it shoes ut is. When connecting motor no current
The coolant is full but the light for check coolant is on...
Engine light on and took it to have it tested at auto zone and they said it was transmission control module
I've done everything I can think of to try and fix the car. Took it in for the recall parts, changed the started, fuel filter, full tuneup and the car still won't start. It used to start like normal but then it started acting up one day and now it might start if you hold the gas peddle all the way down after a couple of tries. Runs great after its on and doesn't shut off, the starting is my issue. Any advice?
Have serious leak under headliner at top edge of passenger side of car, it drips from headliner to seat. Every time it rains.
put gas in my car and know the dash lights are flashing
When I removed the axle a lot of fluid came out. I know how to check the level, but don't know how to add the transmission fluid. Thanks.
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