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i have replaced the battery, the stater, and got the alternater check and it came back fine but my car still wont start. I dont know what else to do... Help!!!!

was told whole dash needed to come out. said leave air circulate button in to stop but doesn't stop for long.

Padlock comes on

after about 20 min.all the lights on dash board starts flickering off and on

My car idles rough and bogs down sometimes when you are driving right before it shifts. Then when you are at speed and let off the gas it shifts down and slows down rapidly. I'm thinking it's the speed sensor.

most likely repair concerns

My fuel line rusted out and needs to be replaced. leaking fuel.

I just put in new sparkplugs when this happened

My daughter Saturn ion timing went out the car turns over but does not fire

When I put my car into reverse it will only backup about 6 inches and if I try to backup any further the front drivers side by the tire starts to raise up and not go back down. I can put the car into drive and drive forward to make it go back down but cannot backup far enough to get the car out of the garage.

My Saturn will not start. When you try to start it all it does is make a loud clicking noise. Ive replaced the ignition switch, the ignition cylinder, starter, and battery. I also cut the white wire for the passlock security and nothing. The alternator and fuel pump are fine. The fuses have been checked...I am at complete loss with this one. I cant get it to a dealership to have it hooked up to the diagnostics mach. Anyone have any suggestions?
Btw, I used to have a problem with it starting in the cold. Before I could wait about 10 mins and then it would start...not anymore!

When I turn the wheel or make a light turn I hear this creaking or scraping I wish I can try to describe the noise but can't! :( my mechanic had my car on his hoist to do something else and noticed they looked a lil shot also said it not a safety issue? I took my car to a shop jus around the corner from his shop to have another opinion I mentioned wut he said thinks its the Same thing. I jus gotta be sure I'm hopin they can hold out till Thursday at most till I get my money cause I do want to take care of this thnkx in advance

How do I open the Rear View Mirror housing assembly so that I can install the wires back in?