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900 State Route 35, Ocean, NJ 07712

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Sansone Ford Lincoln Mercury
August 24, 2010

Sansone Ford, Lincoln on Rt. 35 in Ocean, NJ is really deficient in integrity. My wife was shopping and the car wouldn't start, it just clicked when she tried.
After no luck she had the car towed to Sansone Ford, Lincoln. They said they would run a diagnostic test. They told her that it needed a starter and the ball park price would be $350 + tax. They replaced the starter. Billed at $479. She brought the car home. The next morning I tried to start the car and it just clicked, as before. I called Sansone and they said the problem sounded like a bad battery. However the "courtesy battery inspection" they said they did yesterday said the battery was 100%. The report also said the tires needed attention, only 20% to 50% tread remaining. These tires were almost new with only 2787 miles on them. They still look new. They reported the brakes only had 49% or less remaining. Brakes were eight months old with 8700 miles. I bought a new battery and the car starts just fine. Sansone took advantage of my wife and I think it was because the car has Florida plates and we were in Ocean, NJ. I have tried many many times to get to reconcile the situation and can't get the General Manager, Charlie Macovsky to respond. Looks like Ford needs to do better customer service if they want to stay in business. I've owned four previous Ford, Mercury and Lincolns and have serious doubts about my 2011 purchase.

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