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Q: Same mechanic Took my pickup into him, asked him to tighten the transmission on 1990 Ford F-150

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I asked my mechanic to fix my tranny, He tightened the tranny so it would change gears better, he said he replaced the filter and replaced the oil and charged me $377.29.
I parked my pickup, using my Buick, when this mechanic destroyed my Buick engine, I started driving my pickup; I notice a large amount of tranny oil everywhere I drove/parked. I took my pickup to the mechanic, he had it all day, called me at 5PM, I had to walk 2 miles, there were 5 other persons waiting for him, he walked up to me, and said my tyranny had two leaks, and it would cost $250-300, I said give me my keys! I went home, called a tranny company, took my pickup to them, they pulled the tranny pan, and showed me why it was leaking so bad, NO Gasket! AND
The tranny oil was black. I showed the owner my Invoice from our problem mechanic, he read it and said: you need to get an attorney and contact the BBB: Cost $27.05
I've put $2,500 into this pickup....not happy about having an accredited Mechanic that is scamming hard working persons! I told my mechanic before Christmas, when I told him to NOT work on Buick if the cost was going to be $800. I told him I was getting my LAST unemployment check Christmas week and it is for my utilities over the next 3 months. He also knows I’m unemployed for two years.
did you get pictures or a statement from the trans guy?? that would be good info for small claims court.
did the trans guy fix the leaks in the truck trans??

it sounds like you need to never see this guy again and let the man in the black robe decide who owes who.

This is a story that really frustrates the hard working, well meaning technicians and service personnel out there.

First: have you confronted the original technician with your findings? It is always best to give a shop one opportunity to make things right. I know this may be difficult based on your frustration level and experience, but prior to getting other folks involved, it may be easier to resolve your issue first hand.

Hopefully the new technician at the new transmission company you are utilizing will be a help to you as you sort things out. You may want to check with the BBB and also see if there is any consumer affairs department with your state that can help you with an issue like this.

Further, online resources that people use like here on RepairPal (along with Yelp and such) are great for providing an opportunity to post reviews about experience with shops and mechanics. Posting your experience would be valuable to others in any forum that provides an opportunity to leave feedback.

In any case - best of luck to you!
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