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1997 saab 900s 2.3l
every time i take the key out of the car the window and sunroof automatically open on there own, and it will continue to try over and over please help
sometimes wouldnt start unless i took out fuse ....put it back then it started(happened often). finally died while driving lost all power ....check engine light blinking
Or crooked starter. The car starts but stalls when put in gear and is losing oil from the bottom
two motor mounts and a radiator for my Saab 1997 SE Turbo with me already having the parts.
It had a leak when I got it and I've no idea where to start looking
Recently I had my car undergo a "smoke test" prior to repairing whatever was causing my check engine light to come on, 2 months before emmissions test due. They found my purge valve was damaged, so I replaced it. When I returned to mechanic, they cleared my check-engine light for free. What they did not tell me is that I was not likely to pass emmissions until all the OBD monitors reset. So I went to do my emmissions test today (one day before registration due Nov. 30), and could not complete it, due to OBD readiness monitors being "Not Ready" (SID: 10497651). I was told I'd need to do a "Drive Cycle" diagnostic, which I found out online has many steps. There was none that I could locate for my specific make and model (perhaps because Saab is out of business?), but the suggestion was to use the process for GM vehicles. I am a bit dubious about this, and I'm not sure it will work anyway, as I drove the car right after the check engine light was cleared. I drove it some distance, and never followed the Drive Cycle process, because I didn't even know about it. Any suggestions? Do I need to pull battery power again and start over? I suspect that was how mechanic reset my system in the first place.
Vehicle sat one year. Started up first time after replacing all fluids and filters. Uses no oil. Has 180,000 miles. Gets 32 miles to the gallon. Spark plugs pulled. Look fine. Compression tested reported with in specs. Cant find the source of the check engine light after resetting usually comes back within 150 miles.
replacement latch cost of repair ?/
Compressor seems to be working but does not cool.
It has 88K miles and I got the service list for what needs to be done. I was thinking it needed a timing belt replaced @ 90K. I checked and I was told it was supposed to be done at 60K is this true? Is there another name the timing belt goes by?
Car worked perfectly until I tried starting it one night at Wal-Mart. As soon as I turned the key the car started and then stalled, after shifting to reverse. Turned the key again, but this time it wouldn't start? I somehow managed to get it to a shop and we replaced the starter. It starts fine now, but for some reason it still shuts off when I put it in reverse. It shuts off about 2-3 seconds after putting it in reverse, regardless of what I do. Car runs great other than that.
Which shop is this estimate talking about?
there is oil in the coolant reservoir and im buyiny this car for 500 and want to know should i even buy the car
is this model prone to electrical problems?
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