1995 Saab 900 Questions

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The A/C is charged and the heat is working. The dash vents are good except the center one which is weak and the floor is weak
I resently replased the clutch cable purchased from saab and it has more play in it agane.Can I adjust the clutch its self?The cable has no adjustments on it at all.A photo of how to do this would be great.THANK YOU ROBERT
when you pull the lever the high beams come on, but when you let it go they shut off. ive tried all 3 positions on the headlight switch.
sounds started at first start up this morning. The sounds are intermittent while engine is running in idle warm-up.
Wiper motor good, keeps blowing the fuse, no reverse lights, electric short somewhere, how do I find it?


I was told I would need a new power steering cooler. Is this the same as the power steering pump? If it costs $1000 to get a new cooler, as the mechanic said, it certainly wouldn't be worth it. But, if I could get a rebuilt or used part and fix it for 300-500, it would be worth it.


This car has been great for me for a year but I'm not sure how long it's going to last now. Over the summer the upper coolant hose suddenly blew while driving through Boston. A very good samaritan identified the problem, drove me to autozone where I bought the part, and he fixed it. Then I started noticing periodic, small leaks. I tried some stop leak but it didn't seem to do the trick. Thinking it was the heater hose, I was going to buy the part but I realized the problem is not just when I use the heater.

Also, sometimes in the car I also notice that the interior starts to smell like coolant. That could be because I had a container of it in the back, or perhaps it's from leakage in the engine.

Finally, when the cold started a couple weeks ago, I started noticing a lot of white exhaust coming from behind my car, especially when stopped at a light. It could be me just exaggerating the amount in my head, thinking that my car is smoking when actually it's a normal amount of exhaust...hard to tell. On the other hand, I know that's a sign of a blown headgasket, and it makes sense if I have a blown headgasket that the interior might smell like coolant from leaks in the engine.

Any ideas?



car has been sitting unused, cleaning the car out and the airbags went off
guuing looking mess in reservour
where and how do check for proper function of brake switch?

how do test it to see if it is operating correctly
Had the Clutch replaced drove it from the shop 20 miles later it is leaking oil everywere. It know makes a knocking sould or like something is raddeling around.
i need a vacuum lines and hoses diagram for my 95 saab se non turbo???
I check the fues box and the fuse is good
I check under the hood and there is nothing there about wipers
I have no resistance when i pressing on clutch pedal but it popped back up, just have no resistance, any ideas on what caused it and any tips to repair it?
Every once in a while when I depress my clutch it makes an odd clicking noise. It clicks one time, each time I depress the clutch. This noise only occurs every once in a while usually when the car is cold. I thought I might need a new clutch cable is that true or is the clutch just gone bad?
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