2007 Saab 9-7x Questions

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front and back seat are blowing heat.
Only my back tires are spinning, front tires are not engaging.
It does it when I speed up or just driving. It does it for a little and when I start driving again
Feels like we're driving a washing machine during the agitation cycle. Help please. What to look at and how much max to fix!
Thought bug was caught in window, but no.
Tires are great, transmission fluid normal, can't think of what to check next. Feels like gear shift has been thrown in neutral temporarily.
It was occasional...not frequent. The music still works, but of course I can't see what channel I'm on, etc..
If you program GPS while the screen is on, it retains info when the screen goes out because when it comes back on, it remembers destination.
We have had to replace the transfer case and now the mechanic said he has to take apart the differential to diagnose the source of the clunking sound. He says its likely to be the front differential. The car has numerous issues and has had a lot of repair work done. Any help as I have already spent over 4K on repairs alone. Right now she is parked as the clunking/ knocking noise is incredibly loud and always in the front of the car.

The door for the boot is not working either , it was before a repair was performed but now it does not open at all.
Removed inside cover and WD 40 the assembly, the rear glass now works fine , open , close . The latch sounds like it closes when shut but never latches securely
every night
It's like the wheels are turning at different times
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