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it will not crank took it to a mechanic and he said motor was done. I am a lot smarter than that wouldn't this Swedish vehicle have a sensor that would shut it down
the first thing I am going to do is check if motor is seized per bottom pully system that goes into the motor
The noise sometimes stops if I hit a bump in the road or hit on the center console, this started happening after the driver's door window control module was replaced under warranty so I a assuming it has to be a electrical problem. It seems to be from the roof area in the center between the rear seats, there is a power amp that was factory installed underneath the seat behind the drivers seat, under the rear seat. This has happened before briefly but has always gone away but is now getting more predominant, thank you for any help anyone can provide.
also is it common to replace your wheel bearing twice a year?
I was turning onto my street, it was raining and I almost lost all control of my truck. it was almost like I was sliding on ice. then something came up on my dash and said "something active" I couldn't get the first word but it was a longer word. it started with an S. I just got this car 3 months ago. I can't figure out why it's doing this. every time it rains my tires will spin as I pull away from a stop sign.. please help! I'm clueless on what this is.
We bought the 06 Saab 97x a couple months ago & our hometown mechanic told us it has a slow leak of course the dealership we bought it from totally denies it but we are worried we bought a lemon has anyone else run across this problem
It happens just as often going straight as it does making a turn. I have tried switching keys. It happens at all different speeds but I have noticed it happens more often when I am slowing down. It's even occurred with my 2 young girls in the car, while driving in traffic at 50 miles mph, slowing for a stop light and suddenly "no power", "no steering", just 25 cars behind me about to rear end me and I have to come to a complete stop and restart.
frequency - at least 1 to 3 times everytime I drive.
vehicle stiffening when turning in and out of parking lots, driveway, etc. Took to shop and mechanic indicated that there might be a bad rear differential. Flushed fluid and replaced it. Drove it and still having issues. Don't know if rear diff needs to be replaced as I have read it could be transfer case or transfer case control module or encoder motor
Throttle sensor reading indicates problem and when light comes
on I can barely pull a hill. Sometimes in warmer weather all the warning lights go off and it runs regular. When it is cold
outside it does not run. I need to get a picture so I can see if if I can replace 1 part at least
I really cannnot tell how much gas I have in it and have run out without warning. When I first got the car in Feburary the gas indicator would read I was low and a light came on. Now the gas guage is all over the place and no warning. Is there a fuse that might regulate the proper amount in the tanl . Also the ignition swith is tricky so when I did not turn it completely off I had to get it jumped. Did this perhaps affect the computer?
Question Asked:
when making left or right turns, car loses power, wheels seem to grab.

May 28, 2013, 06:44 AM

happened once in a while, now this weekend, seems to happen more frequently, have to make wide turns to avoid the power loss. No check engine light on, battery tested full power.
happened once in a while, now this weekend, seems to happen more frequently, have to make wide turns to avoid the power loss. No check engine light on, battery tested full power.
Oil pressure low/stop engine light on. Back in July same thing and dealer replaced sensor. replaced sensor again yesterday, said not the problem. Now today they said the MIU needs to be replaced - and they can only get rebuilt MIU. They told me $750 plus tax - I'm also worried what if it's not the problem.
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