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Lowbeams and one break light not working and not the bulbs. I did notice the fuse was burnt. Put in another and within a couple of weeks that was burnt.
My saab is jerking badly when the turbo hits the red what is it and what do i need to fix it
regardless of how much fuel is in my tank the fuel gauge is constantly jumping from full to empty - the fuel light goes on when the gauge hits below the red zone then goes off when the gauge jumps up. sometimes it reads full even though the tank is not full. is it a fuel sensor issue ? what do I need to check or replace? nothing worse than driving a car and trying to guess how much gas I have left or if I will run out of gas. I already tried adding the fuel injection cleaner in the tank when filling the tank but it didn't help. any advice would be greatly appreciated.
Coming from under the car towards the front driver side are strange noises especially when turning the wheel after starting the car. It's louder on the driver side - it sounds like a cardboard box caught under the car inside the tire wells. The creaking noises are low sounding and sometimes heard when the car comes to a stop. I tried to research it and then stopped in to see my mechanic. He said that the noise is due to the cold weather and he couldn't find anything wrong with it. Any input or advice would be appreciated.
I just purchased my car this past December and the cupholder would not release so I had my mechanic fix it. Two weeks later it happened again but now the cupholder is really stuck inside the unit. I tried everything to release it but I don't want to crack or break it and it's not giving at all. Any advice would be greatly appreciated.
I have taken my car 3x to the same mechanic in the past 2 months due to the engine malfunction light always being on. My mechanic ran the diagnostics each time and believed the problem to be the thermostat sensor which he replaced on the second visit. The light still will not go off - the car runs fine but I am worried that a hidden problem will become a huge problem soon. What am I missing or what should I ask my mechanic to look for to resolve the issue?
drain plug how do i change oil
Timing chain checked and tensioner replaced. Oil pan pulled and found clean. O ring gasket replaced on oil pickup tube. Serpenten belt removed and noise persists. Oil pressure ok. Car has 36000 mi.. Only syntheic oil used cahange every 5000 mi with filter.
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