2005 Saab 9-5 Questions

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Daughter's car on occasion will rev up in drive but won't move, like it stalls, but then will take off. Changed out the automatic transmission fluid, seemed to fix problem, but a week later same symptoms occurred.
Thought I got some bad gas but that doesn't really fit the 1 to 2 hour wait to restart. What is the crankshaft sensor for?
do they have folding electric mirrors or do you have to pull them in yourself ... I have a vector
it does it sometimes start ok but most of the time it needs help and sounds like the engine is falling out until she the engine malfunction light has come on, has had new egr , glow plugs crank sensor and dual mass flywheel ...anybody help only had it a week... drives lovely and smooth
Trying to start but engine cranks but doesnt turn ovet
Noise only occurs while driving. Difficult to pinpoint exactly where sound coming from.
fixing for a friend ,work as an advisor with saab lights are being replaced often ,headlamp has film noticed splash shield under bumper missing and did read of a leaking headlamp washer leak but is not equipped stated left one was flashing often and only one working is left high beams
I have a 2005 9-5 linear wagon. Do I have a timing belt or chain and
when should I replace it ?
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