2002 Saab 9-5 Questions

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While driving, there is kicking/shaking feeling coming from underneath the passenger side. It happens the most when going uphill or downhill.
my check engine light is on when i had it check it gave the code of misfire in cylinder # 4 i do believe. Which i was told could most likely be the Mass Airflow. I'm not sure what is wrong i do know however that it is a automatic transmission and it runs rough.
I bought this car from an old man mechanic roughly age late 60s who l so much trust in him. He has never mentioned any problems regardless the car. I have spent almost $3500 on it excluding $1800, I bought it. Both exteriors and interiors are clean. I'm a single mother of 12&8 girls. I am very unhappy and stressful with my situation because its very hard to go around without a car. I had to wake early to drop off my children at school and to go to school as well. I took it to get the road worthy and I was told l need to change couple things which costed me almost $3500. I can't afford to buy another car. I DO REALLY NEED HELP.
I replaced car battery late in 2014. I had car repaired to fix erratic timing last month. Today car did not pass smog test. I had no fault indicator lights on the dash. Last repair was done et SAAB expert repair shop which now says to drive the car and (?) hope that it correct monitors. Last week end I drove the car for about 4 hours not knowing that I would fail test today.
Hi Hope someone can help. I have a 2002 Saab 95 Aero and have an acceleration issue. If I accelerate gently on the accelerator the car is okay, if I depress the accelerator too much the car stutters, feels like fuel starvation. I noticed today white/grey smoke today when trying to accelerate hard. I only noticed this happen once though. The previous owner hasn't driven the car much in the last few years, so I'm wondering is this a result of the car standing for long periods of time, or is it a bigger issue. There are no warning lights appear in on the dash. Please can anyone assist?
When I accelerate it seems to come from the rear.
After starting the engine dashboard lights stays on this is my first saab experience. .?
will run smoothly and once warmed up if idling it will cut off and not restart but will turn over really strong or I can be driving and it will just shut off on its own unless I am double peddling it but once I shut it off it wont restart for like 30 min or engine has cooled down . What I have done so far is replaced alternator (needed it) , replaced radiator(needed it), replaced spark plugs. still having same problem please help someone I am lost on this.
So I was driving my Saab about a week back and had to accelerate a little quickly to merge onto a highway. The car did fine up until it reached 5k rpms. At this point it froze at 5k for a little while before violently shuddering and shifting up. Right after it shifted, the check engine light came on and started flashing. Eventually the light turned off and it drove fine for the rest of the trip. The only noticeable problem was what felt and looked like a misfire whenever the car was idling. The next day, under somewhat less acceleration, the car badly shuttered and the engine light began flashing again. This time, the car would barely accelerate anywhere and felt like it was rapidly misfiring all of the time. I barely nursed it back to my house because it refused to go much faster than 20 mph and would take 30+ sec to get there. When I checked under the hood, oil had been sprayed directly out of the oil filler cap. At this point, I was afraid to even try to start the car so I had it towed to a mechanic nearby. What they told me was that both the engine and the turbo were destroyed. They said that oil had been pushed into the induction system, causing the engine to misfire. Also, the leaking oil caused low oil pressure, which somehow led to high crankcase pressure, which basically ruined all of the piston rings and other small parts of the engine. I just want to make sure that they're not, in fact, ripping me off and that the engine and turbo are basically totaled.
Is rust bad on the muffler? The car still sounds normal and everything. And it is not entirely rusted but there is some spos where leaf sized pieces of rust are hanging off. What should I do? How will i tell if i need a new muffler?
Have overpressurization of coolant sys. During warm up. Turbo and radiator have been r/r.
When starting fluid is shot in throttle body engine starts and dies
I have low pressure in first gear. once i get moving car rides fine. I was told it could be the pressure solenoid for low gear
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