1999 Saab 9-5 Questions

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The auto repair place I bought it too says it has something to do with the cord module
key is stuck in ignition and car remained cold the whole time.
The timing belt on a V-6, 3.0 engine traveled toward engine and became shredded and failed 30,000 miles after timing belt service. The engine had about 210,000 miles. What would cause the belt to travel ? There were no signs of pulley or tensioner issues, ie "no smoking gun". Could it be incorrect installation procedures ?
When letting off the gas? I don't have coolant in my oil and lost power. Going through oil and comes out exhaust. Would it be the head gasket or the piston rings
Replaced the d.i.c and it still did it. Can it be vacuum hose? Could it be the ethenol? I only use prmium gas.
Would the p502 sensor have anything to do with the problem
My 1999 Saab 95 2.3t has 155k miles and runs great . however smell oil but with nithin on ground. no engine light on and just passed state inspection . I run premium fuel and average around 29 miles per gallon. Everythime i check the dipstick weekly , it never seems to be low and I have now changed the oil 2 times in 7k miles . How far up the dip stick should the oils level be . It is a old dipstick and I cannot see any readings . I hope Im reading it right .Please advise
The belt for the power steering & water pump has slipped off dur to oil on the belt from an ongoing leak,
replaced fuel filter & checked fuel pump while fuel filter was off. used starting fluid & still wouldn't start. engine turns over but won't start. checked all fuses.
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