2006 Saab 9-3 Questions

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The blower is not working in my Saab 93 whenever it was working after I would turn it off it would click 10 to 15 times, usually when I would turn the car off. What could be the cause of the blower not working now
Gas gauge reads empty when tank is full. How to repair and is it expensive?
shop plugged it in it stopped the light. moved seat forward light came back on. went to plug it in and connector looks broken
Replaced turbocharger, bypass valves, boost control, no vacuum leaks, catalytic converter replaced. Car runs fine just not boosting
installed new battery Same prob got diagnostic says alternator running properly.. Could it be the key??
Hi, I am experiencing a hard gear shift in my car. I think the gear 5 to 6 happens only if I release the accelerator with a small jerk, otherwise it is going beyond 2500rpm before shifting the gear. I could feel the shift for every gear. What could be the problem?

Hi, The low beam bulb of right head light failed, What kind of bulb suits best and how can I know if it is same as the other light bulb?

Please let me know the approximate cost of the bulb.

I recently bought a saab 9-3 and found that CEL is on when I turn on the key along with other indication lights and turns off immediately after starting the engine. Is there any serious problem with that?
I just started hearing this clicking noise when the top is up. It will click in rapid fashion about 10 times and then not do it again until I am in the car the next time. I feel it has something to do with the top latch mechanism but there is no indication that the top is not closed properly.
If I lock the car it goes off but wont go off otherwise.
This is new to my 2006 Saab.
The problem started when driving through a roundabout, tried to get the car to pull in third gear but there was very little power. The temp., lowered when the heater was put on full blast at high, however the engine management light stays on. Pulled into a garage who tested it, but said that it was a Saab only code showing up.!!!
earlier while driving a warning sign came up on sid saying rain sensors , i pressed the sid button then it froze on screen , radio and sound for indicators went off i only bought this car ,,,,,,,,, is this a big problem for me
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