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My tachometer doesn’t work it just goes wherever it wants. My speedometer doesn’t go lower than 7 mph even when the car is stopped and in park and my turbo meter only goes about a quarter of the way down. Could it be an electrical issue and if so which fuse controls these? Also the lock button on the inside of the drivers door only works when the door is closed.
The blinkers will get stuck on right or left. Driving down the road with a blinker on isn't safe. It just started not working about a week ago. It had been fine for several months, but we have been having this problem on and off for a year or more. Is there a replacement part??
I'm looking for the fuel filter location and would like to know if it is part of my pump module
Car starts and runs alternator replaced 1year ago??
it the convertible
This happened 2 days ago and I had traveled 75 miles, my fuel gauge is not functioning so I have to estimate. It should have taken in a few gallons, but kept clicking when less than a gallon had been filled...
I took to get a oil change and they said they couldn't service it because it had a oil leak
And there was oil in my tailpipe and it's burning white smoke
Had the driver side door lock switch replaced and it still happens
have bought a 2005 9-3 linier 1.8t with 100k km on the dile.
first few month it felt like heaven to drive, and then shit hit the fan, and i spent a fortune on this car, and about to spend some more....

battery just died had to change it, and fuel pump before that,,, and now retention..
however its my recent issue that worries me... at some point last week the car had very funny idling while parked, it felt like it was choking, and wont even move properly,, only until i start driving then its all gone,,,,
the next day as i was driving on the highway on cruise control, the cruise control just died, i pressed the gas and realized that turbo was gone too, though i can still hear it whistling.

funny thing is once u restart the car its back on. till it dies again when ever it feels like it. and when turbo is down cruise control wont work.
when the turbo is down first gear barely works, i need to switch to tip tronic to get moment from the car...
and yesterday i noticed that when parked rev goes up a bit then drops over and over again...

that being a long story short....
so any opinions, ill appreciate the help....

and also any links to fixing soft tops would me helpful

thanks guys.
Lights but no sound
Lights but no sound???
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