2001 Saab 9-3 Questions

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I adjusted linkage several times and changed oil using Saab oil. This is a 5 speed standard
the car will shut off when it reaches drive temperature. It will start and idle smoothly until shut off and it will not start again until the engine has cooled off. It has a newer crank sensor in it, a new direct injection cassette, new battery, and I tested the voltage to make sure its not the alternator or voltage regulator. One thing I notice was that the radiator fan was not kicking on while it idles and not sure if that has anything to do with the problem. and last thing is that the computer is reading no codes so that's no help either. any ideas or direction would be extremely helpful. I am new to saabs.
Doe saab have automatic switch off when oil has leaked out when driving
After many tries, the car eventually does start.

1.) The starter has been rebuilt, 2.) A new battery was purchased and installed, and the car still will not start on first try.

After many tries and jiggling with the ignition, the car eventually does start.

Any ideas as to what may be the cause?
My mechanic told me the problem I am having with left front strut is the bearing so I will need to replace both front struts as it comes in a whole assembly and cannot just replace bearing;however in Saab Central forums people have said replacing bearing alone can be done.
My LCD display that shows problems with the car is starting to disappear. I can only make out certain letters. What can I do to be able to read all warning messages?
The new radiator part looks different, just don't know if I got the wrong part or is this new radiator updated product correct???
my car stops running and will not stare again until it cools down
My brake lights are "on" on a constand basis. I've been told this has something to do with the brake light switch and that it may been to be cleand or replaced. I'm not worried about doing the repair myself but I need to know how common this is. I also need to know how and where to replace it. I know that its under the steering collumn under the brake pedal but how do I get there? HELP!!
Convertible top won't go down, and neither will windows and it's like a hot box oven on wheels, so we are trying to get the driver and passenger window to at least go down, and the fuses seem to be ok! Is there a switch to check? The repairman thinks it may need a motor. How much are they per window??? Thx:)
The top leaks and not sure why and it won't go up or down. It is locked in up/on positon.However, the driver and passenger windows are also stuck rolled up, and we would like to be able to roll them down, but were not sure if it was on a separate fuse or motor/motem than the convertible top.It is a Saab 9-3
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