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Q: runs ruff at idle on 1997 Hyundai Tiburon

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i was out fuel and got some at a different gas station drove about 4 miles then it started missing i was empty and got 2 dollars worth so i got 3 water in fuel mixtures and one injector cleaner and added 5 gals offuel no change i also bought new plugs and replaced no change i can remove plug wire one at a time and it doesnt make any difference the engine boggs down the same on each cylinder im at a oss for ideas please help
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DId this problem only occur after you ran out or ran low in fuel?
Did a Check Engine Light/Service Engine Soon Light come on?
Your car has a 16 pin diagnostic socket under the dash that ascan tool hooks up to to comunicate with the computer in your car. I would be interested to see the Long Term and Short Term Fuel trim figures for your car. If the Fuel pump became damaged and could not supply enough fuel it may show up on Fuel Trim Figures. Even if the Check Engine Light is not o na pending code may be stored in the computer. I looked to see if there were any technical service bulletins regarding to drivabilty problems with your car and there are loads. Hyundai as a car manufacture offer great technical information on line for free
Its too hard for me to guess without being able to drive your car and see data but hopefully the Hyundai web site will give you some help.
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Your car has OBD 2 diagnostics and requires a scantool to retrieve codes. OBD 1 (prior to 1997 or so) codes were retrieved by bridging a connector and counting the flashes of the check engine light on many cars.
The fuel filter is located in the engine compartment just under the brake master cylinder and is relatively easy to replace. The fuel pump is got to by removing the rear seat bottom cushion and removing the pump from the hatch at the top of the tank.
One thing I just though. Could your car possibly have been filled with diesil instead of gasoline? Just a though have seen it happen before.
yes the check engine light is flashin and this occured after adding the fuel when it was about a chevrolet line mech i know that by grounding out certain pin in the dianosic socket and then you count the flashes to get the code is there any way to do this with this car and would replacing the fuel pump be easy and is it cheap to buy a fuel other thing could the fuel filter be stoped up and where is it located??
thanks for your tips and no to deisel my brother did that one time on his chevrolet truck and it smoked so bad that ....lets just say no bugs heh heh and removeing the back seat is a great tip because i was dreading the tank removal i know how to check the filter and the pump is 150 dollars that will be a last resort if you know what i mean
by the way i love this site and thanks for all your help i will let you know what happens again THANKS
L O O K H E R E >>>>im back and guess what after all that i have done still didnt fix plugs,plug wires,fuel filter,coill packS,the rough acceleration was still there....finnally gave up and took it to a repair shop...he said he would take my money but that he would only replace the cheap autozone plug wires with high priced plug wires so i did and guess what...ya i know....fixed the problem,could not believe it!!!!!plug wires was the second thing that i had replaced!!!!i dont know why but it was fixed....
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