Q: RUNS RUFF AT IDLE on 1993 Toyota 4Runner

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Agree with both 1&2 also check for vacuum leak.

I dont know about bending ziptie out of shape! (Private joke)
The zip tie is hard to get to go down into the rear holes unless you put a bend toward the end of it.
Next we can work on bending time so that beer-thirty occurs sooner! LOL (Private Joke X2)
Most likely the throttle body needs to be cleaned as well as the IAC valve (intake air control valve) located on the bottom of the throttle body.
Remove Air inlet tube to throttle body.
Put on chemical resistant gloves such as Nitrile.
Wipe out throttle body with clean rags and throttle body cleaner. Hold throttle plate open manually and clean both sides of throttle plate.
Bend a small nylon Zip tie to L shape and scrape the sides and bottom of the three holes going down in the throttle body, one visible with the plate closed, and the other two visible when the throttle plate is open. Use a vacuum to remove debris from the three holes.
Reinstall air tube and see if it idles better!
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