Q: Runs about 30 Min. Stalls and will not restart till next day on 1995 GMC Sonoma

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This is my father's pick up. It ran just fine until he started down to AK. for a trip. He got about 250 miles from home and it suddenly died. He waited awhile, a few hours I do believe, and it started back up. He continued on his way went another 100 miles... it died again. He got er going one more time played the gas pedal, starting running fine, and made it to his destination. He was down there for 5 days and made it about 200 miles from home... it died and now will idle for 30 min., die and can not restart it until the next day. I checked over everything and thought it was the PCM but replaced that and it is still doing it. THere is fuel to the fuel rail, spark, check fuel filter, do not hear anything going on with fuel pump. I do not have a scanner that goes up to 1995 or would see what codes it would throw out. I am stumped. Any ideas?
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sounds like a fuel pump failing when it gets hot. it may have fuel to the rail but how much pressure?? obd 1 does not have the ability to code failures like obd 2.

fyi: if you have replace the fuel pump, it's easier to take the bed off of the truck and replace the fuel pump, rather than dropping the gas tank. hindsight is always 20/20