Q: Running Rough on 1994 Jeep Wrangler

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I purchased my Wrangler in August of last year (121,000 miles). I have put on about 7,000 work miles since. It has run great besides what happened the other day, which brings me to my problem. I was pulling into work and it started to sputter & hesitate and eventually stalled and it had 3/4 tank of gas. It had absolutley no power. I re-started it and although it started back without a problem, it turned over slowly and I had to keep the gas pressed. Unable to afford taking it to a mechanic, I decided to research on my own and try to fix it myself as long as I wasn't in over my head. In short, this is what we fixed on our own. Fuel Pump, Changed Air Filter, Changed Distributor Rotor, Cap, Spark Plugs (& tested), Hoses,etc. Still didn't fix the problem! Before I bought it in August, the Catalytic Converter was replaced (I have the receipt) so that's eliminated. When I got it to Aamco (Free test) so they can test the computer, it came back as the IAC in the throttle body was bad. I replaced it and although it doesn't stall, the same problem is still there, no power especially up hills, and I have to keep it in 3rd or 4th gear on highways/main roads! I am now almost $200 into it and I am out of options. Is it something else small like a crack somewhere? Do I have to reset anything, or is it something BIG!? I will bring it to someone if I have no choice but I can't afford the labor.....Please help!?
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