Q: Running rich on 2004 Lincoln LS

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Car check engine on car stalls. When it starts and I push gas pedal down it makes no difference stays at idle rpms. Any Ideas?
I did take to Auto Zone and got a list of codes that go for a mile.
PO 300
PO 304 PO 316 P 2104 P 2107 P 2110 P 2112 P 2127 PO 301 PO 305. WOW where do I start???
(2) Answers
It's OK to let Autozone check the diagnostic trouble codes, but they don't diagnose problems. They are merely guessing based on the diagnostic code and in no way are performing a diagnosis. If you post the code someone can give advice on what needs to be checked, but in almost all cases anyone who recommends parts without a diagnosis is not helping you.
i would check the MAF air sensor try to clean it, also try to get a diagnostic to see what the problem is it may be easier to help you find the problem with a trouble code autozone diagnoses your car for free.