Q: Running Light Problem on 2002 Chevrolet Express 3500

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I think there is a circuitry problem with my running lights with this 2002 box van. It used to be a Fedex delivery van. I believe corrosion to the connections and water seepage may be the problem.

The top illumination lights on the box will not light up especially when it rains. The turn signals and brakes lights at the rear will not light up when I turn on the switch for illumination at night. But these signals and brake lights will work when I flip the turn signals and step on the brake pedal.

I run a new ground wire connecting the upper aluminum frame to the metal frame underneath the truck and the top illumination lights will light up when the switch is turned on. I have no luck with the turn signal lights and brake lights at the rear end. The lights on the front end are problem free so far. Please help to solve this problem. Thanks.
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