Q: Rough to no idle that's sputters with sulfur smell to exhaust on 2006 Ford Explorer

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We have a 2006 ford explorer Eddie Bauer 4.0 with some major issues. Currently the vehicle will start when giving it some throttle, occasional stays running but very rough idle of less than 500 rpm and sputters like crazy. Initial engine codes p106, p300, p303, and p306. Cleared codes, replaced cat, coils and wires... Plugs have 30k on them, iridiums. Any suggestions would be great

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Check for vacuum leak @ the rear of engine for codes PO-303 & PO-306. Possible contaminated MAF sensor, check for dirt injestion! Scanner needed for further testing.
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A shop would start diagnostics by forgetting what has already been done, just because something has been done that does not mean that it's OK right now. A sulfur odor is typically caused by a system that is out of control too rich. Testing done with a fully functional scan tool would include relative compression, and then go to live misfire counters and see if there is any correlations. I'd be interested in seeing fuel trims and O2 sensor graphs under all phases of operation, I'd especially be interested in seeing if there is a bank to bank fuel trim discrepancy and if the engine load pid calculation is accurate or a clue to a fault.
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