Q: Rough idle while stopped and in D (automatic trans) on 1991 Nissan Maxima

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My check engine light came on and I replaced one of the left (bottom) ignition coils, did not fix, replaced spark plugs and check engine light went off. Still idles rough until I put it in N (meaning no load, right?) Also, has fuel smell coming through heat vents with heater on. I have oil leak and power steering fluid leak.
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DO NOT DRIVE THIS CAR ANYMORE!!!!!! This engine is known for leaking injectors. Unless you have full insurance coverage then keep on driving it. Your car is an accident waiting to happen. There's even a service bullentin on this very problem. contact me at I need more info to help you.
I was fortunate enough to fix the fuel leak. It was in one of the flexible fuel lines that go to the non flex injector line. It was easy enough to do and very inexpensive. I'm safe though for now. Will never let that happen again.
It could be something other than the injectors, but I would suspect it is one or more bad injectors. They can be leaking, but usually they just stop working. This is a very typical problem with these cars.
Fuel injectors are a common problem but so are ignition coils from what I've researched and heard on various maxima forums. I still love Maximas though and when you think about it, all cars have their quirks. Could the injectors just be clogged or malfunctioning that way? I wonder.
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